About me

My name is Inge Geel. I was born and raised in Holland. My graduation as a certified Physiotherapist was in Holland in 1991. Since 1992, I have been working in a Swiss hospital as a physiotherapist. My practice opening took place in 2018.

Ingeel About

Further training during my many years of working as a physiotherapist:

  • Passive and active therapy of joints, muscles, nervous system and their interconnections
  • Lymphological Physiotherapy
  • Bobath concept
  • Kinesiotaping and Taping after Mc Connell
  • Practical training of prospective physiotherapists

Further training in energy-based treatments:

  • The Study and Training of Sound Therapy, Peter Goldman, White Lodge, England, 1998
  • Specialist Seminar Healing in the Aura – Aura Surgery, Gerhard Klügl, Liechtenstein, 2016
  • Reiki based on the Usui System, Claudia Stamm-Roth, Switzerland, 2020
  • Various Seminars and online courses in the field of science and spirituality with Michael Tamura, Joe Dispenza, Ilse-Maria and Jürgen Fahrnow, Gregg Braden, and others

With much joy, I have been working as a physiotherapist for many years in the conventional setting of a hospital. In my practice, I have the possibility to combine my conventional medicine with energetic knowledge.

My vision is a health care system in which all the diverse possibilities of energy medicine and conventional medicine are being offered on an equal footing to the patient. A system in which people can inform themselves about all available treatment options and can decide self-responsibly and consciously on their choice of treatment. This will contribute to a healthy society.

“When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy”

Paulo Coelho