Aura surgery

Aura surgery

Subtle operation in the energy field
Dissolving karmic patterns

Aura surgery is a subtle kind of surgery and consists of the dissolving of energetic entanglements and operating in the energy field of the body.

Energetic entanglements -or so-called karmic patterns- happen completely unaware of our consciousness, like some sort of program playing in the background. They can reveal themselves on a physical but also on a mental level: recurring diffuse pain, anxiety and patterns in life, etc.  The kinesiological muscle test is used for testing. The resolving of entanglements takes place in a strong symbolic way, so that the client’s subconscious programs can be rewritten.

Subtle operations happen in the energy field of the client. Because aura surgery has all to do with consciousness, energy and information, the treatment possibilities are enormous: subtle injections in the aura, testing and operating on an anatomy book or -model, using the frequencies of sound forks for new impulses, etc. No tissue is being injured and there is no scar tissue, because the work that is being done is on an energetic and not a physical level.

For more detailed information and examples of aura surgical treatment I did

“What we have called matter is really energy, whose vibration has been lowered as to be perceivable to the senses. There is no matter. There is only light and sound” 

Albert Einstein